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Growlnola Bites


Growlnola Bites are the perfect sweet treats. Health Benefits of

Blackstrap Molasses


This food is healthy enough for your dog, to be considered a dog food supplement! Some veterinarians even recommend using it, when prescription drugs have not helped a dog.


Most commonly, blackstrap is used for dogs that suffer from:


Arthritis – It contains an ingredient, the wulzen factor that cures wrist stiffness in humans, muscular dystrophy, and arthritis, according to Dr. Michael Sharon, author of Complete Nutrition.

Anemia – Blackstrap is very high in iron, that is easily assimilated. But it does not cause constipation, like many other high iron remedies.

Skin conditions

Aging – many say that it restores hair color



Nutrients in Blackstrap Molasses


Sugar cane roots can go down 15 feet to get minerals from layers of soil that have not been depleted by years of overuse.


That’s why sugar cane is able to absorb so many nutrients. And blackstrap has most of those nutrients, because they are left in the blackstrap, when the nutrients are removed from processed sugar.


So what are the main ingredients in this molasses?



Folate and B Vitamins – healthy red blood cell production

Magnesium and calcium – healthy bones and nervous system and a healthy heart

Manganese – fights free radicals, stabilizes blood sugar and utilizes fatty acids

Copper and zinc

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