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VIP Pet Transportation

We recognize that everyone has busy schedules and may not be able to get fur-kids in for their utmost important grooming appointments, doggie  daycare playtime,  or vet appointments. All clients are treated as Very Important Pets. Working late or have to get to work before the doggie   daycare opens?  Running late to catch a flight and still need to get the do to the sitter/boarding facility? Hate the thought of boarding your precious pets one more day than necessary because the kennel does not open on  Sundays or holidays? 


We will be their pet chauffeur to their appointment, safe and secure. Cats will be transported in their kitty kennel, strapped securely in the cat taxi. Dogs will be transported in a dog kennel in the pet shuttle. Your pet’s safety is our main concern.

How it works:

You make your pets appointment. 

Schedule their ride with us. 

Relax while we  take your pets where they need to go and back.

**Discounted flat rate to spay/neuter clinics**






$25.00 + $1.00 for each additional mile over 6 for 1 way trip and $40.00 + $0.50 for each additional mile over 12 miles total for round trip
  • Transportation to veterinarian, groomer, etc.
  • No additional charge for multiple pets.
  • The number of pets transported together is limited based on their size and safe vehicle operation.
  • Does not include waiting time if needed - waiting time is billed at the Pet Care rate of $25.00 an hour
  • Google Maps is used to calculate mileage between my address, your pick-up address and the destination, both ways in the case of round-trip transports.

It is your responsibility to make the pets appointment, arrange payment with the groomer/sitter/vet, and have the pets collar/leash ready for pet pick up. Payments for pets appointments are completely separate from VIP Pet Transportation fees.
During vet appointments please keep your phone handy. If the vet needs to ask questions or get approval for services they will need to speak to you. I am ONLY transport, I can NOT make decisions regarding your pets care or services provided.